Friday, February 25, 2011


Washington D.C.
Shop: Georgetown Cupcakes
Cupcake: Strawberry Champagne, Red Velvet
Review: Everyone should try either their Red Velvet or a unique flavor, as these are specialties of Georgetown Cupcakes.  The frosting is fluffy but not too soft, and the cake was a wonderful and full consistency. Perfect size.  One less bite would have been too little, but one more bite would have overfilled my sweet tooth.  Bottom line, it keeps you wanting more. Oh, and by the way, the TLC show DC cupcakes is about them.  They have a huge reputation nationwide that I agree with, but this was by no means the best cupcake I've ever had.

Washington DC presented me with a drive to succeed and try new things, much like the business practices of this highly competitive cupcake bakery.  I was absolutely delighted by the women I met in DC, they were incredibly hospitable and all had ambition to make the world and their community a better place.  In fact, the reason I got to see and try multiple cupcakes is because of a new DG friend I met who works at Georgetown Cupcakes.  As a surprise to me she brought home two boxes of cupcakes after her work shift and shared them with everyone!  What a great treat in my already pleasant and motivating visit to DC.  DC was a place that gave me the drive to work hard and have a more positive influence on the world, probably because of all the politics and international community in the city.  Their small businesses are the same way- they work hard to be the best they can be and strive to please their customers.  I felt very much at home in DC.  Their cupcakes represent the rest of the city- well known, well-crafted, unique, but not always perfect.
Red Velvet
Ps: the blog background features one of my half-eaten Georgetown Cupcakes.

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