Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Sweet Cupcakes in the Big Sky

Missoula, MT
Shop: Bernice's Bakery
Cupcake: "Love-ender", Rose
Review: This was my original favorite cupcake bakery.  They do a lot more than cupcakes, and true cakes are their specialty, but the little guys are just as good. The frosting on these is crisper than the usual soft and fluffy cupcake.  The firmness is perfectly accented by the soft cake below it.  All together the flavor is right on and the cupcake is firmer than any other I have had, but this makes for a mostly no-crumbles experience.

Can't talk... eating cupcakes, watching documentaries, and having the time of my life in Missoula, MT.  While I won't be writing a full journal about this trip, I will tell you that Bernice's Bakery was on my priority list of places to visit.  They do cupcakes the right way, as well as other cakes and delicious croissants. 

Rose Cupcake

A cute Valentines couple
"Love"ender Cupcake

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