Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovin', Viewin', Squeezin' 'Cakes

Missoula, MT

Shop: My Mom's homemade cupcakes
Cupcake: Vanilla with cream cheese frosting
Review: Everything about my mom's cupcakes is perfect, especially when she bakes enough to share.  I was able to give these out to BSDFF staff, my friends, and I had a few myself, too.
Or was it "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"?  Either way, my visit to Missoula, Montana was a much needed, fulfilling vacation with family.  It was Valentine's Day and my dear mama and her friend came to visit.  I was definitely feeling the lovin'.  When I wasn't catching up with friends, festival staff and my past professors I pretty much watched documentaries all day.  If you know me at all you know this is my favorite activity.  I was viewin' at any spare moment and saw films ranging from "Love, Etc." to the International Documentary Challenge, to Yo La Tengo playing the "Sounds of Science" live.  I'm only a year out of school but I can already tell that the one place that will always take me back to my roots is Missoula.  Just by sitting at that bar stool or watching the Mountain Line bus go by I am reminded of the growth I had during my college years.  When I visit Montana now I embrace, or squeeze if you will, any last memory of how I lived my life as a young, mostly unemployed, but carefree girl.
Mom knew some homemade cupcakes would make my Valentines Day special.  She and grandma are better bakers than any bakey I've been to all year.

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