Friday, February 25, 2011

Delightful Surprise Donuts

Wichita, KS
Shop: The Donut Whole
Treat: Rocky Road Donut
Review: This donut has crunch, flavor, and supurb texture.  Honestly I like my donuts a little softer than this one, but the flavor outweighed the overall density.
During my time in Wichita I asked for a good cupcake place but failed to find a good review.  I did hear about this fantastic donut shop, though, and happened upon it one night.  Much like my favorite cupcake shops, The Donut Whole does a classic treat in unique and new ways.  They have probably 30+ donuts that they rotate between, ranging from classics to vegan, gluten free, and crazy new flavors.  I actually meant to get a vegan one but they only sell them one day of the week (bummer), but was happy with this recommendation by the sweet counter worker.
Wichita was one of my first true visits to the Midwest (excluding Indiana and a childhood visit to Nebraska).  I expected nothing but corn fields, friendly people, and a very quaint and innocent lifestyle.  For the most part this is what I found, too, but the city also presented me with a few suprises.  First of all, people are so sweet and friendly that they tend to explore new ideas and try new things just on the basis of being friendly.  The Donut Whole presented me with a much more "indie" and "hipster" scene than the rest of KS, but this is an appreciated and important area of the city.  Ideas and people are calm, but uniqueness is encouraged.  Like the donuts I had, they're classic but willing to think outside the box.  My donut experience was a really nice surprise, as was my entire time in Kansas.  
ps: don't tell Wizard of Oz jokes, they've heard them all before.

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