Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thick Skinned 'Cakes

Shop: Mad Hatter's
Cupcake: the Turtle
Review: My first bite was a huge surprise as it doesn't taste at all like the candy, but more like a nutty/ice cream/donut concoction.  The frosting was very stiff, but don't mistake this for stale.  It tasted like a cream puff drizzled in chocolate.  If you're not in the mood for an inch of thick creamy frosting, this is not for you.  The nuts on top did add a nice crunchy treat, though. Overall I was satisfied, but not blown away.

This may be an unfair first stop because Mad Hatter's is better known for fair trade coffees and decadent cakes.  Regardless, I stopped in to try their cupcakes.  I was impressed with the selection, about eight varieties in all.  Mostly flavors I'd seen before (e.g. Strawberry Chocolate, Lemon Cake).  I almost went for an old classic, then I saw the "Turtle" cupcake.  Immediately I thought of the turtle candy that is chocolate with nuts and caramel.  Delicious.  
Down in NC at Duke University I learned about working within the walls of a prestigious University, which means I also grew a thicker layer of skin.  Enjoying Duke as a female students takes a little more work than at other Universities, mostly because of the male powerhouse athletics and their existing stereotypes of being a macho school.  It took me a little extra work to find cupcakes here, too, because I really never left the Duke campus.  With hard work it's sometimes more difficult to understand the rewards you earn.  Women leave Duke with a really excellent education, but often move on to work in male dominated work environments.  It's not an easy journey but the reward is fulfilling if you're ready for it.  My stiff frosting cupcake also wasn't easy to like at first, but it grew on me.

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