Saturday, March 5, 2011

You've Got to Fight For Your Right

Appleton, WI
Shop: Harmony Cafe
Cupcake: Chocolate With Chocolate Ganache Frosting
Review: More frosting than normal, so be ready for a rich experience.  The cake's consistency was medium, not soft and not firm.  It wasn't overly dense, either, and I think anything denser would have made it too rich of a cupcake overall.  The chocolate Ganache frosting tasted like a hot chocolate and marshmallows in cream form.  
My visit in Appleton fell during the Wisconsin Union rallys and protests.  I actually attended a rally on campus with some collegians and walked around through the rally in Madison during the days before the final House vote.  The state was politically charged, as was the Harmony Cafe that is run by Goodwill of Wisconsin.  Just looking around the shop you were welcomed with open minds but warned against any bigotry or stereotyping.  People come to Harmony Cafe for coffee, to study, to socialize, or for social action group meetings.  I don't really have words to explain Appleton and Lawrence University in general, but overall I felt like this community was fighting for their rights and spreading kindness.  The cupcake really had nothing to do with rights or equality, but I enjoyed it redardless.

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