Friday, March 18, 2011

Batters 'Up

Memphis, TN
Shop: Gracie Bleu Frozen Yogurt
Treat: Cupcake Batter Frozen Yogurt
Review: Better than any cake batter yogurt you've ever had.  It's not quite as creamy, a little more sweet, and it really tastes like a cupcake.  I decided to garnish with oreo bites and strawberries.

If I learned one thing about the American South it's that they don't do anything lightly.  Football, blues music, BBQ, yeah.... they're not kidding around.  When I visited Memphis I took this same approach- I went all out in trying the cupcakes.  I wasn't particularly in the mood for fro-yo, but when we walked in and they had the Cupcake Batter flavor I couldn't believe my eyes!  Memphis gave me surprises at every corner.  Some things in the South may be overdone, but that list does not include soulful music and well made food.

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