Thursday, March 17, 2011

Southern Sweets

Memphis, Tennessee
Shop: Muddy's Bake Shop
Cupcake: "Prozac" and "Capote"  
I came home from dinner one night to find two adorable and fluffy cupcakes waiting for me.  A few Muddy's Bake Shop regulars selected the Prozac and Capote cupcakes for me to try. 
Cake: Capote (Chocolate cake with white buttercream icing and white sprinkles)

Review: amazing.  The Capote was mostly flavored by the frosting, which was a delightfully smooth buttercream.  It was delicious in every way and the frosting made the cupcake go down smoother than the sweet tea I had the day before.  The actual cake was soft and moist. The most difficult thing about this cupcake is, because it's so soft, I had to handle it very delicately.  The cake didn't crumble but was vulnerable to falling apart.  It is the kind of cupcake that you want to take in all one bite, anyways, so I didn't really have any breaking problems.
Cake: Prozac (chocolate cake with smooth chocolate buttercream icing)
Review: same as above but with a lot more flavor in the cake.  It had a hint of coffee that kept sneaking out, and ultimately this is one of the better flavored cakes that I've had.  The combination of flavorful cake and frosting was a little overwhelming, but then again I was on my second cupcake of the night.  This frosting was so creamy and smooth that they should have named it The Fonz.

No stories for now... there are more Muddy's Cupcakes to come...
Capote and Prozac

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